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CastHaven, LLC 119 West 72nd Street Box #246 New York, NY, 10023 team@casthaven.com

Our Story

Back in 1994, Revised had just launched and I remember how much fun I had opening new packs and organizing my collection into decks, binders, and boxes. I remember how happy I was scribbling down and sharing deck ideas with friends in my notebooks at school and keeping them along with a massive collection list on a few pieces of paper in a 'secret' drawer as most twelve-year-olds tend to have.

As my lists and collection grew, I checked Duelist for the latest news on new cards and upcoming sets, traded with friends, and sold some cards to my local store. I remember trading a Royal Assassin and a Shivan Dragon for a Bayou and when I bought a playset of Force of Wills for $20.

Fast forward to 2010, I hadn't played in almost a decade. All these new cards were too fascinating to pass up (planeswalkers?! what?!), but I didn't want to put down a lot of cash to start again.

So I checked out how much some of my cards that I had left were worth. To my surprise, Royal Assassins were worth about 10 cents now and stores online were buying Force of Wills between $40-$65.

I could sell them individually on eBay, but what a hassle! On the other hand, stores had posted buylists online, were buying lots of cards, offering bonuses for store credit, and had good customer service (so important).

There was one problem. How was I going to find the stores offering the best prices for my cards?

And so began the long and painful process of creating an Excel document and looking up buylist prices across the internet to see where I should sell my cards to.

Once I found a store, another difficult process began of either using a <em>frustratingly slow</em> buylist system or drafting and formatting a buylist order email to send the store before I shipped the cards.

I wanted an easy-to-use system to compare buylist prices and a one-click option to generate a buylist email, not to mention a single place to organize and keep my 'for trade' list, wish list, deck lists, and collection.

And so the idea behind CastHaven was born to create a place for the community of collectors and players to curate and share card lists, manage and trade cards, and sell their cards to stores and a platform for stores to create, manage, and host headache-free buylists.

CastHaven was created by players and collectors for players and collectors like you.

Have feedback? We want to hear from you! Email us at feedback@casthaven.com!