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Selling Guide

Effective Date: November 1, 2013

Selling cards to stores on CastHaven is easy! Just follow the simple guide below.

Using the sell order system

When you submit a sell order on CastHaven, your order will be entered into our sell order system. You will use the system to track the status, to view updates to your order, and to communicate with the store.

Communications with stores

Please keep all communications with stores on CastHaven. If you communicate outside of CastHaven with the store, we will be unable to assist or review any issues that may arise.


Stores on CastHaven currently only accept Near Mint to Mint Cards.

Cards in Near Mint/Mint condition show minimal to no wear from shuffling or general play. A card graded in Near Mint/Mint condition is generally indistinguishable from cards in an unsleeved deck of other Near Mint/Mint cards. Foils in this category have little or no scuffing or clouding on the front.

Please make an effort to grade your cards! If you have made an obvious effort to grade your cards, chances are a store will not deduct further even if a few cards are graded slightly worse than indicated. If you make no effort to grade, expect them to be strict in our deductions!

Foreign Cards

Stores on CastHaven currently only accept English versions of cards.

How to Ship Your Order

  1. Before you pack or ship your cards, wait for a confirmation email from the store.
  2. Print the confirmation email and make sure your email address and order number are legible.
  3. Sort your cards. Please try to order the cards the way that they appear above. There will be a 25% sorting fee for orders that require sorting. Please make your singles easily distinguishable from bulk.
  4. Pack your items securely. Do not send cards in sleeves, 9-pocket pages, or binders. If you have more than one order, please wrap each order separately with its confirmation email print out and make sure each one is separated and is easily identifiable, then mail all orders in one box (if possible).
  5. Place the printout of the confirmation email inside the package with your cards. Without the printout, the store cannot process your payment.
  6. Please ship your package with tracking. We highly recommend you insure the package against the risk of damage or loss and select a shipping method with tracking.
  7. Once your order is received and processed, the store will send payment to you via PayPal or issue you Store Credit.
  8. Sell orders must be received by the store within 10 business days of the confirmation email. The store is not responsible for packages not received and does not accept CODs.